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The Right Way To Take Your Blood Pressure Reading At Home!

The Right Way To Take Your Blood Pressure Reading At Home!

Taking your blood pressure is important, but how you take your blood pressure reading is even more important.  Before you start your blood pressure reading, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a time of day that you are usually the most relaxed. This is the time you should take your blood pressure reading moving forward. Different times of day may result in a variance depending on your mood and activity levels. 
  2. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and exercise for at least 30 minutes before measuring your blood pressure.
  3. Be sure your bladder is completely empty.
  4. Sit in a chair at a table with your back straight and both feet flat on the floor.
  5. Make sure your upper arm is at heart level and the bend of your elbow is rested on the table.
  6. Place the cuff above the bend of your elbow.
  8. After 5 minutes has ended, begin the blood pressure reading.
  9. Wait for the reading to be complete. Keep in mind the slightest movement can alter the blood pressure reading.




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