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Heart Health Home Test Instruction | Nitric Oxide

*B100 Check-in: Begin first thing in the morning prior to eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. Consumption of any antibiotics or mouthwash within the last 24 hours will provide inaccurate results. You will need a small cup or spoon.

1. Open the B100 mobile application.  
2. Under the “Home Test” tab, select “Nitric Oxide”.
3.  Remove the provided silver pouch containing the Nitric Oxide test strips and open.

4. Spit your saliva into a spoon or cup. Dip the indicator into your saliva for 3-5 seconds.

5. Tap off any excess saliva and lay the test strip on a flat surface for 15 seconds.

6. In a well-lit area, compare the color on your indicator test strip to the color
chart located on the cover of the silver pouch.

If the indicator test strip does not change colors, please repeat the process
with another test strip. If the indicator test strip shows “Very High” repeat this test again first thing the next morning to confirm your results.

 7. Go to your B100 mobile app, under the “Nitric Oxide” tab, select which level best reflects the color on your indicator test strip.



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