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Our History

Our story began in 2001 when an inquisitive cardiologist by the name of Dr. Arash Bereliani (a.k.a. Dr. B The Heart Doctor.) set out to discover how we could live to be 100 without dying from heart disease. Today, we believe the discoveries made will allow us to celebrate many 100th birthdays. Over the last decade, the discoveries have been successfully used in private practice to identify near-term risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD)-related events, e.g. heart attack or stroke, in cardiology patients and prevent death. The outcome: Not one patient has died from heart disease.

B100 was founded in 2017 by experts in cardiology and business to bring the discoveries–once available exclusively to high net-worth, private-practice cardiology patients–directly to consumers nationwide at an affordable price. The name “B100” was chosen for the company’s inspired vision: that we should all live to Be 100! Our company mission is to become a leading authority in cardiac risk assessment and heart disease prevention. We are revolutionizing preventive cardiology by empowering consumers with app-based tools and home testing that are state of the art to assess, monitor, and track their heart health from home.

Heart Disease Is Still America’s #1 Killer. Time to Disrupt the Status Quo
The driving force behind B100 was the continued frustration that—while heart disease continues to be the #1 killer in the U.S. (693,000 deaths in 2021), Americans have largely ignored traditional messaging from the medical establishment telling them to adopt heart-healthy lifestyle modifications such as better diet and moderate exercise–and, due to the pandemic, there has been a huge drop-off in doctor visits, setting the stage for more heart disease cases and highlighting the need for more home-based diagnosis. B100, a comprehensive app-based method, stands ready to shake up and disrupt the industry by addressing these needs, making heart health testing and compliance easy and accessible to all.

The Pandemic Made Our Case for Us
Two and a half years into the pandemic, heart attack and stroke rates have surged. Why? (1) People had to stop seeing their doctors because providers curtailed non-emergency visits, and many screening tests that would have caught dangerous heart problems were not performed. (2) People infected with COVID are known to have suffered cardiac damage, whether they realized it or not. This has created a new, unforeseen risk.

The Take-Home Message? Take Home B100’s Heart Health Home Test
The take-home message is that people should be taking home B100’s Heart Health Home Test. Because they have not been going to the cardiologist. In addition, our test gives them a fuller range of screenings than most doctors’ screenings would–at a fair price–without the hassle of having to leave your house.

Our Company mission is to lead the 21st century through the prevention of heart disease – one heart at a time.

Our Founding Team

Arash Bereliani M.D., F.A.C.C.
Also known as "Dr. B the Heart Doctor,” Dr. Bereliani is a world-renowned expert in the fields of preventive and functional cardiology. A board-certified cardiologist and internist who has been in private practice In Beverly Hills, CA for over 20 years, he serves as Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine and Cardiology at UCLA School of Medicine, is on staff as Attending Cardiologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and is also a best-selling author. His in-depth knowledge of functional and orthomolecular medicine (one of the few cardiologists worldwide who specializes in this area) makes him uniquely positioned to develop the innovative risk assessment and reduction model contained in the B100 Method.  Read more about Dr. B >

Sabrina Bitmayl, M.S.

Sabrina has been responsible for shaping and shepherding the development of B100 from a vision into a reality. She brings 20 years’ experience in a broad cross-section of industry verticals, including direct-to-consumer goods, aerospace, defense, and healthcare. She was the President of iconic fashion brand Karl Kani and spearheaded the launch of an athleisure brand for NFL Hall of Fame athlete Terrell Owens. The first half of her career was devoted to positions at such major defense/aerospace firms as Northrop Grumman, SAIC, Crane and Meggitt, where she was responsible for building global marketing and sales initiatives. By age 30 she was an Adjunct Graduate Professor, facilitating MBA courses in Contracts and Procurement, Leadership, and Organizational Behavior and Marketing. She holds a graduate degree from the USD School of Business, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Sabrina served 6 years in the US Navy.

Our Key Team Member
Gabe Green, M.S.
Since day one, Gabe has been an instrumental member of the B100 Team. He has helped guide the formulation of Company products, conducted medical research and created all of the technical and medical content. Gabe is the second-youngest person admitted to UCLA. He began his studies there at age 13 under the tutelage of Nobel laureate Donald Cram and graduated with a master’s degree in Organic Chemistry (specializing in natural products total synthesis) at the age of 18. For the last 25 years Gabe has been instrumental in leading scientific research and product development for select clients in the dermatology/beauty, oral care, and supplement verticals (including developing a natural burn cream, for which he shares a co-inventor patent, and a line of oral care products– a germicidal, whitening mouthwash and toothpaste). He has also operated a boutique marketing communications agency, supplying web and print content for healthcare clients such as City of Hope, Southern California Reproductive Center (SCRC), and major consumer brands such as POMWonderful and Chipotle. After becoming a patient, Dr. B and Gabe both learned that Dr. B was a student in an organic chemistry course that Gabe taught at UCLA.

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